To Drivers, From Pedestrians, Look Out!

Not everyone has a driver’s license.  Either they are not old enough to drive, disabled from driving, banned from driving, or just have not gotten one yet despite age.  But everyone is at some point, a pedestrian.  We are free to walk, especially when we have the right of way.  I am not mad at the people who break the driving laws.  I am mad at a law, one that I feel driver’s abuse.  I want “Right Turn on Red” to be outlawed.  Why?  Because I have had my life risked every day for that dumb thing.  

I have asked around, and “Right Turn on Red” is not legal for every street, or in every town.  So it is up to my town to ban it.  But I want everyone to know why “Right Turn on Red” is unfair to pedestrians, so they can see my point.  That law states that on certain streets, a car can turn right when the light is red.  Just turn right, not any other way.  But, they still have to watch out for pedestrians, as usually they are turning onto a street where the crosswalk sign is allowing pedestrians to cross.  I personally experience every day that people could care less about pedestrians in many ways, this is just one example.  

It all depends on the individual driver who turns to decide when to turn on red.  He or she usually looks at other cars to make sure there is no confusion or danger.  But how about people walking huh?  So many times I have nearly been hit by drivers who clearly were not looking out for me, or, expecting me to “hurry my ass up” so they can turn.  I’m sorry, my light is green!  Yours is not!  Regardless of your right to turn right, I am still an important variable!  A little respect to us pedestrians, for you are one too when  you are not in your car, and I imagine you expect the same respect when you are.  

Now in the driver’s defense, I also need to look.  But, it is far easier for them to look than I.  I am looking at the green streetlight and  the crosswalk signal that says, “walk.”  If you are paused at the light and have your turning signal on, I can see that and be ready.  But, that driver should also be looking at me and make sure we have a confirmed non-verbal agreement of who should go first.  In this particular example some cars do have decency, others, however, do not.  The other example is if they are going straight down the street and then turning on red when I have the right to cross.  Slow down and look!  You nearly clipped me you jerk!  

In conclusion, overall, drivers always need to be conscious of pedestrians, and vice versa of course.  Pedestrians are guilty of crossing when they do not have the right of way or jay walking.  I personally do not, but that is just me.  I do not want to be hit by a car or cause an accident so I pay attention and follow rules.  If I can do it, can’t everyone else?  This is not me expecting people to think like I do.  This is literally an expectation that they follow laws that every person is expected to follow.  Either ban “Right Turn on Red” or make drivers more conscious of what it entails.  Respect Pedestrians, after all, you are one.