The Survivalist: Girls Can

Source : Google Image

Source : Google Image

The forest. Being lost in it. For some, a nightmare. For me, quite the fantasy.

I've been wanting to write about this for a long time and still cannot exactly picture how to talk about it : I'm a survival instructor, taught how to survive in the wilderness to kids for over a month with the army, and I loved it. Now, I wondered, how can I empower fellow females with this?

I think that the first lesson I want to give about surviving in the wild is: girls can do it too, and sometimes even better than boys.

It's simple, when you know. 

So, you get lost in the forest. What's the first thing you do? Panic! No. Wrong answer. Think again. Call the police? Nope, your cellphone does not get any signal, forget about it. Curl up in a ball and cry? Well... that could be a start!

First thing you do when you get lost in the forest while you're on a hiking trip with your friends, is you STOP. Why the caps? Because :

S - Stop. As in stop walking.

T - Think. Since when am I lost? What's around me? What can I do now? Where am I coming from?

O - Observe. Now, lady, you gotta use everything that's around you to get through this bad time. Better start looking. Everything can be used.

P - Plan. You've got to eat, drink, sleep, keep yourself warm and sane.

What you will be looking for: a small clearing so you can build a fire without burning the forest; long and not too big logs, like the circumference of your forearms; roots (I'll explain another time how to get that); water; food; and something you can talk to, such as a big rock.

I hear you giggle.

Thing is, ladies, in case you're stuck in the forest, alone, by yourself, you'll remember the rock-part. Because you'll slowly become insane and will regret thinking my rock-fetish idea was weird. Humans are social animals, and therefore, we need to socialize. Find a rock. And get ready to set camp, because that's going to be my next article about survival!

So, that's all for now. I'll let you, gals, get through with the idea of a pet rock.

Stay tuned!