As I, Shampoo My Hair

Making ourselves feel great can be hard sometimes. As busy women living in the 21st century, we can get distracted by so many things and responsibilities that we rarely have time left to look after ourselves. But… what if looking after yourself was easy? What if there were little gems of knowledge that make it possible??

I’ve previously talked about taking care of our self from the inside; now, let us start from the very top.

I learned something new the other day. Did you know that you have probably been shampooing your hair wrong? After all of these years! I mean, surely it doesn’t matter how one washes their hair… right? Wrong! takes us bake to the basics of the “most rudimentary beauty rituals” and took some tips from professional hair guru Kyle White for the “perfect shampoo”.

Tip 1. Begin by rinsing your hair thoroughly with warm water. This will loosen dirt and oil while opening the cuticle and allowing the conditioner to penetrate more deeply.
Tip 2. Use a small amount of shampoo only at the roots. Massage gently in a back and forth motion, not vigorous circles, which can knot hair and cause frizz. Slide suds down the hair shaft with a smooth stroking motion. Do not scrub fragile ends, shampoo isn’t a cleanser for your hair but for you scalp.
Tip 3. Squeeze out some water before putting on conditioner. Leave the conditioner off the roots, where your scalps natural oils are concentrated. Finish with a cold rinse, which closes the cuticle, locks in moisture and gives maximum shine.

Everyone’s hair is different. I have a short pixie style haircut that gets oily really quickly. It requires a wash every morning. But because my scalp produces a lot of its own oil, I generally stay away from conditioner. My way, and even Kyle White’s way might not work best for you, but why not find out what does and share your own tips?