3 Exercises to Burn Fat

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I've been really bothered by the "positive-image" thinking that is "Big is Beautiful", as you've possibly read in another of my articles on Gumption. But then, I wondered what I could do to improve women's health.

And this morning, I was running with my nieces and thinking about training, and yeah, I realized there are three exercises that you can do which will make you lose fat.

Yes, I wrote fat, not weight. Because you'll gain weight. It's normal, don't be alarmed. Muscles weigh more than fat.

1) Cardio! Any kind of cardio! 30 minutes per day

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In my opinion, running is the best and the easiest to achieve : you need clothes in which you can run, and to go outside. Easy. When it comes to clothing, choose close-fitting pants or shorts that will keep your thighs from rubbing against each other and making you terribly irritated and uncomfortable.

Why is running good? Running makes your whole body move : of course, your lower body is the part that works the most. But your back and abs are working to stabilize your weight, and your shoulders as well. Your arms are the least used part of your body, when you run.

And of course, cardio exercises are the best way to lose fat and melt this sadness away.

Elliptical machines or aerobic activities are excellent, but they demand more preparation or to go somewhere to practice them. But really, cardio is the key.

2) Push-ups. 3 sets of 12 repetitions. 30 seconds break in-between each set.

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The dreaded push-ups. To be honest, they're not that bad, once you build up the muscle mass to hold yourself up. I was twelve when I started doing push-ups, and I was doing eighty per day. You can do it too.

Why push-ups? Because they train your whole body. Every muscle, name it, is going to be solicited if you do them as pictured above. You can start on your knees, but personally, I never felt anything when I tried to do them like this.

Push-ups makes your arms and upper back work in strength, and they'll make you lose the little bat-fat on your arms. They also make your back, abs, lower abs, legs and butt work in endurance and stabilization, defining your muscles and curves.

Now, you better buy a shirt stating how push-ups are amazing. And send me roses.

3) Squats. 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions. 30 seconds brake in-between each set.

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Source : Google Image

Squats! The Holy Grail of bubbly butts!

I love squatting. I can't squat much because of a knee injury, though. But I still do it because, well, it's also good for my injury (my physiotherapist told me so).

Beside giving you the butt we've all dreamt about, let's admit it, squats are the equivalent of push-ups, but for the lower body : every muscles from your ankle to your lower back are working in strength, burning fat and cellulite.  Your back and abs are working in endurance and stabilization.

Your arms aren't doing much, true, but the push-ups took care of this a little earlier.

When you squat, wherever you are and however big your butt is already, you gotta make it pop out. Then you bend down, keeping your knees and shoulders aligned, your back always straight and you're looking ahead of you. I prefer to cross my arms in a X over my chest while I squat, but you can do whatever you want with your arms, even hold weights to make them work more.

Doing these three exercises might take a little bit over an hour when you start. When you get used to it, you can do everything within an hour. Pair it with a calorie-counting app and a healthy diet, you'll see amazing results in one month.

And don't forget to drink water! Lots of water!

So keep loving yourselves, ladies, and make that little bat-fat burn!