How to be Wonder Woman in Human Form

Wonder Woman is my favorite super hero.  No Batgirl or Supergirl for me.  It is Wonder Woman.  The feminine title is not the only thing to make the difference.  Wonder Woman is strong, she stands for peace and justice, she wants equality, and she is a force to be reckoned with.  But how could I be her?  She is an Amazon, and I barely pass 5 feet.  Well, you do not have to be exactly her, to be her.  I believe she would say her colleagues come in all shapes and sizes.  Here is how you can be her.

There is the obvious...

  • Be strong
  • Stand for peace
  • Stand for justice
  • Want equality
  • Be a force!

But those are quite vague, how can we as mere humans achieve all of this?  Well, let's stop calling ourselves, "Mere."  We can be so much more than that if we believe.  

Strength has multiple meanings.  It is physical, emotional, mental, and personality.  Physical strength is being able to hold your own, we as women with gumption know how to roll our sleeves up.  Emotional strength does not mean you do not have emotions, it means you will allow yourself to decompress and you have good coping mechanisms.  Mental strength runs along the same lines.  Personality strength is letting the real you shine out, but always striving to improve.  One day the person you want to be will come out with little to no effort.  

Standing for peace and justice has many levels.  You do not have to fight crime with your fists, but you can have your own lasso of truth and make the right thing happen and help reveal what is really going wrong to the people.  You don't need an invisible plane for your words to travel.  That is what the internet is for.  Take a stand any way you know how.  Donate money to peace and justice if you can.  If not, donate your time.  

We would not be on this site if we did not want equality.  As long as we do not go overboard and turn the tables on men and make them the second class citizens, then we are on the right track.  We want equal pay, we want to be respected in the work force, we want the right to control our own bodies.  What we do to create justice and peace can help create equality too.  We do what we can to change things, but another great move is to act like it is already true.  Our confidence will shake the weak ones.  

We are women hear us roar!  We are the force!  We can do this!  This may have been more of an inspiration than something to do, but please do this.  We need all of your help if we are to make a difference.