How to have a 'happy shower'

There is a scene in FRIENDS where Phoebe's doll house catches fire, and in order to put out the fire Ross bursts into the bathroom where Monica is having a shower.

Later on in the episode Monica sheepishly tells her brother "by the way, I was just checking the shower massager" *cue audience laughter*

Women across the globe who have seen this episode would have smiled to themselves knowingly; Monica wasn't "checking" anything, she was having a happy shower.

If you're still at a loss, then ladies I'm about to rock your world with information that will change your showers forever!

image courtesy of mizsei

image courtesy of mizsei

Now, this only works with shower heads that you can detach from the wall, if yours is fixed then... well, I'm sorry.  You should also check that your shower head turns to adjust the water pressure.

Let's not get all romantic about this, you don't need the soft music, candles, rose petals... you just need to lock the bathroom door.

Engage massage function, apply to your lady garden, and enjoy!