Do Put Yourself First

Women are strong, wonderful, and extraordinary creatures. There is absolutely no denying that. We are loving, caring, nurturing, and always ready to put others before ourselves. Our inherent good nature demands as much.

Still, it is in just that reason that we find the answer to the age-old question: why am I so damn tired?

As my friends and I start to progress towards “grown up” life, I have noticed that there are certain things (events, activities, ideas, etc.) that I am starting to neglect. Sometimes I am just so focused on everything that needs to be done that I forget about the person who needs to do them.

I wonder whether the women before me have neglected their favourite things (and indirectly themselves) so much that there is never again a thought spared for them.

We as women of the world have immense responsibility entrusted to us. We have the responsibility of many roles (mother, sister, friend, woman, wife, girlfriend, partner, etc.), but  we so frequently forget about ourselves.

So, in light of relearning how to love ourselves (and to reintroduce the above-mentioned activities to my life), I have compiled a list of twenty-five things that we so often prioritise below our other roles.

1.       DO make yourself a cup of your favourite warm beverage or pour that glass of wine. Get comfy and relax. Bask in the simplicity of just you and your thoughts for just a few minutes.

2.       DO go out with your friends – and leave your phone at home. Really enjoy every moment surrounded by the beauties in your life.

3.       DO phone your mom when you think of her. She misses you more than you realise.

4.       DO put on your jammies and get into bed at 7pm to watch trashy TV until you fall asleep.

5.       DO get out and exercise. Even if it is just a stroll, getting in some fresh air and stretching your limbs will instantly put a smile on your face.

6.       DO plan to get enough sleep. Sleep influences EVERYTHING! Enough sleep is key.

7.       DO spend time on your hobbies. Sometimes hobbies are even more important than work.

8.       DO buy yourself flowers. No one said you had to wait until someone comes along with them.

9.       DO make sure you are happy with where you are in life. If you are, well done! Very few people are. If you are not, it is NEVER too late to change and you are not alone.

10.   DO make sure that the guy/girl you are with realises exactly who they are with. You deserve nothing but the best and should be treated as such.

11.   DO read your favourite book over and over again – even if it is the only one you have ever read and it is all dog-eared and falling apart. Your favourite things make you, you.

12.   DO be silly! Have a themed sleepover like that time in the third grade when everyone pitched in their best 80’s costumes.

13.   DO learn how to laugh at yourself. You are human: you are going to embarrass yourself; you are going to make mistakes – and that is okay! If you laugh first then they cannot keep it against you.

14.   DO make your bed every morning. It might sound very irrelevant but beginning your day with a mess you successfully cleaned up, can only be a good thing!

15.   DO eat what you want, when you want. It is your body and you are in control.

16.   DO make sure you are healthy. Doctors are there for a reason. Go and get checked-up.

17.   DO be kind. Be kind to yourself, others, and everyone in between.  At the end of the day, we are all just walking each other home.

18.   DO smile. You have a beautiful smile and a beautiful soul that you should allow the world to meet.

19.   DO enjoy the moment. Life passes by so very quickly, and moments become memories.

20.   DO love your body. It is yours and it is beautiful.

21.   DO be positive, patient, and persistent. We all will have our day in the sun.

22.   DO work hard, but relax even harder. Set goals and work until you have realised your dreams. They really do come true.

23.   DO remember that you are the only you there will ever be. That is what makes you special in this ocean of people. Live life true to who you are and who you want to be.

24.   DO remember to breathe. Everything will fall into place, eventually. Have faith in yourself.

25.   DO put yourself first. Sometimes that is the best way to help others. Like when the air hostess reminds you to put your mask on first…

To remember yourself and to acknowledge your own needs, does not make you selfish; on the contrary, it makes you smart. If you have taken care of yourself, helping, enriching, and encouraging others come as a natural consequence.