How to hail a taxi cab in New York City


Regardless of what big city you might be from, we've all had that "SHIT! I'm so freakin' late I have to get a cab" moment. Whether you're running late (that's my usual excuse) or you have heels on that kill your feet and there's no way you're walking in them... you will need to get your arm ready to flag down that taxi.

In New York however, hailing a cab can sometimes be quite the art! Most roads are busy, most taxis are taken, and most won't see you unless you jump out in front of them.

That said - please don't jump out in front of taxis, anywhere in the world!

Here are some tips to guarantee you get that cab quickly:

  • Don't stand in between parked cars, where you are not visible. Make sure you can be seen by a cab coming down the road, so it has chance to move lanes.
  • Stand off the curb (safely, don't jump in front of traffic) and help your New York cab driver see you better.
  • Get your arm up! And it sometimes help to wave it around a little bit. This is the international sign for "TAXI"
  • Make sure you're in a street that has traffic flowing down it. If your road seems a little quiet, walk around the block to the see if the situation is better.
  • Try and stand somewhere cabs can stop, it makes it much easier for them to pull over and pick you up.
  • Be on the right side of the road! Some streets in NYC are one way, so you're probably ok... but check anyway and make sure you're hailing on the side going in the same direction you want to travel in. Trust me, it will make your life easier.
  • Concentrate on the available cabs! When just the centre number is lit and nothing else that cab is YOURS!

Remember, NYC is busy and sometimes it's quicker, easier, and cheaper to just take the subway. If you haven't hailed that cab within 10 minutes, I'd head underground girl!