10 Ways to Prep Your Mind and Body For The Day

Sleep well: Nothing starts a day off worse than not having enough sleep. It will have you cranky and less alert.  According to sleep expert, Dr Merril Mitler, sleep services all aspects of our body, such as energy balance, intellectual function, alertness and mood.

Wake up early: There is something very significant when waking as the sun comes up. There is a sense of calm and you can align yourself with that calm. Everything is still quiet early in the morning and it gives you time to plan your day in peace.

Drink a class of water:  The morning is a great time to get some water in the body, as you’ve deprived it for up to eight hours. You can include hot lemon water for a quick cleanse, but the point is to hydrate. Nothing works better than a hydrated brain.

Stretch: Stretch out all the tension from sleeping in an awkward position, because most of us do. The body relaxes, but can stay in the same position for hours while we sleep. Don’t freak out when your body is stiff and stretching seems impossible – just relax in to a stretch until you feel release. If it hurts STOP!

Make your bed: having a de-cluttered bedroom gives you a sense of order and in return motivates you to keep the rest of your day the same – organised.

Eat breakfast: Try and eat a healthy breakfast that is low in carbs and rich in healthy fats. We need healthy fats to supplement brain function. Too many carbs will make you feel sluggish by noon, and fat helps us utilize vitamins A, D, E and K. According to The Attune Food Daily Digest, Omega 3 and saturated fats regulate hormones, therefore are vital for healthy fertility and energy levels. Fat slows down nutrient absorption so you feel full longer.



Think positive thoughts:  This can be a grueling task when you’re not a morning person or when it’s just been an overall bad week. We cannot control what happens in our world, but we can control how we think about it. When a negative thought enters your mind, acknowledge it, and then forget it. Our minds love playing with our emotions, so don’t let one bad thought mess up your entire day.

Get a mantra: You can find lots of inspiration on the interwebs, but choose something that is significant to you. The moment you lose focus, look at your mantra and remember why it is your mantra.

Multivitamin: If your diet is a little unhealthy with very little fruit or veg, you might want to consider taking a multivitamin. It’s a schlep to take pills, so be open to alternative methods like vegetable juice to get the vitamins you need. They actually taste pretty good!

Say I Love You: Say it to yourself then go share that love with the people in your life that matter. Life is too short to forget I love you’s!