Atlantic Station Sweet Shops: Rated

Candy, cookies, ice cream, and fudge galore! If you find yourself in Atlanta with a nagging sweet tooth, look no further than the Atlantic Station to curb your cravings. The Atlantic Station is a large, outdoor shopping center, located in midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Shops vary from clothing stores, to restaurants, to specialty stores, so there is a little something for everyone. But, the best part of visiting Atlantic Station are the specialty sweet shops. Each sweet shop specializes in something different, allowing each to give their customers a unique experience.


If you’re craving any kind of specific candy, IT’SUGAR is the place to go. This candy shop is stocked wall-to-wall with all different forms of manufactured candy. Want a jawbreaker the size of your head? They have that. Want to leave with your arms full of candy? Here’s the place to go. If you’re afraid you’ll never make it to Atlanta to visit IT’SUGAR, no problem! They have 90 locations around the country, as well as an online store where you can order a number of giant and novelty candies.

2. Great American Cookies

Like its name suggests, Great American Cookies is the place to go if you are in the mood for some warm and gooey cookies just like mom used to make. Their website boasts that they are the home of the original cookie cake, and their menu consists of different flavors of cookies, cookie sandwiches, and brownies. They also offer customizable chocolate chip cookie cakes that can either be ordered online or at your closest location.

1. Kilwins

At the top of the list is Kilwins, who has been offering the finest sweets since 1947. What does Kilwins sell? Well a little of everything. They have homemade candies, chocolate covered marshmallows and Rice Krispy treats, fudge, candy apples, caramels, and ice cream. Kilwins crowning feature are the waffle cones made fresh to-order on a thin waffle maker right next to the entrance of the store.

If you find yourself at Atlantic Station, be sure to stop in at one of the famous sweet shops. While I highly encourage that everyone indulges in all three shops, if you can only choose one, Kilwins can’t be missed. Their impressive selection of homemade treats and fresh waffle cones makes this the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth.