Carl, The Dollar Van Driver

So moms called me at work asking if I could go to Eastern Parkway and Utica to run an errand so I'm like no problem.
I'll walk to Utica.
Catch the 45.
I just plumped up the metro so I'm good.
I get to the bus stop and the bus pulls up right behind me.
Step in and see the metro slot is covered with tape so I'm like oh shit free ride.
Let's get it!
This arrogant mofo's banging on his protective glass.
You'd think bullets were going at it.
I'm like, "What's the problem?" 
He says, "You need to get a ticket."
So I back my ass on out.
I bust a pivot and see a dollar van pull up just in time.
I got change at the bodega so I'm good.
I hop in like I've done this before.
Now see, I've never taken a dollar cab in my adult life.
I've only ever taken it as a kid.
Bout five, six, seven years old.
See when you're an adult reliving things you did as a kid it's much different.
All I remember about dollar vans is that they were hood rides that cost a dollar and could get as tight as a sardine can with enough people.
I notice the guy beside me has a cane and he's getting off at a stop before me.
Soon as we pull up to his stop I start yanking on the lever trying to get the door open for him.
The goddamn door won't open.
I'm like what the fuck!
This man is waiting on me and I'm yanking at it with everything I got.
So the driver leans over and opens it with a fucked up attitude and some slick shit to say out the side of his face
"You never took a dollar van before?!"
I say, "Does that matter?"
"Well common sense would tell you..."
My ears start steaming.
The sound of his voice begins to fade.
I'm getting angry.
I'm hoping he'll stop talking but he keeps going so I tell him to shut the fuck up and take me where I'm going.
But it's too late.
I'm so fucking mad and I got between now and my stop which is half a block away to figure out if I'm even gonna pay this fool.
I decide to pay him but I don't hand him the dollar.
I throw it at him.
"Don't throw no fucking money at me bitch!"
Last man that called me a bitch was a gay dude and I think he thought it was okay since we both like guys but I didn't like it then either.
"I just did" is all I say and I start walking-
not fast but not slow.
I make it nearly two blocks away from my stop when I hear a voice behind me saying, "He's not playing with you. He's gonna stop."
I look to my left and I see his un-kept dreads poking through the doorway first.
I love locks but his were poorly taken care of and looked like they deserved to be on a man that makes frequent stops in a run down van for a dollar-
Or two dollars rather.
"You only gave me a dollar you dumb bitch! You dumb stupid bitch!"
I could feel all kinds of bitches and n words getting ready to come out like word vomit but I didn't say anything but,"Yep!I sure did."
I didn't wanna go there with him.
He finally drove off and I immediately called my mom.
There was so much heat coming off my body I was no longer cold in this 20 degree air. 
I told her about my unpleasant experience. I started to cry a little-
not because he made my first dollar van ride in years an unpleasant experience,
not because he called me out of my name,
not because the dude behind me laughed at me as I was being berated in front of all of Eastern Parkway instead of coming to my defense,
but because I know that if I was a cute light skinned girl with great hair and a fat ass it wouldn't even have gone this far. 
I hope that girl was waiting on you when you got home Carl the dollar van driver.