What to do when your boyfriend is too cute to exist


Usually, people are only half cute, half the time. So what do you do when you find someone who is all cute, all the time? How can you be sure the person even exists? Here are some tips.

1. Poke him


The old poke is always a good idea because if you can actually touch him, that will help you grasp that he's real.

2. Call 1-800-toocutetobereal

This is a legitimate phone number and they have a list of everyone who is too cute to be real. And they will help you investigate.


3. Constantly ask him if he's real

If he's not real, he'll probably cave and tell you after you ask him 1083728467324 times.

4. Try to peel his mask off

If he doesn't have a mask on, that means he's real.

Image-1 (1).jpg

5. Call his mother

Sometimes you have to do extra research and call his mother. Have her on speed dial in case he does anything suspicious.

If all else fails, check his arm fat, because that's always a good indication if he has a cute butt or not. If he also has a cute butt, then there's no way he can be real and we're back to square one.