The Best Things About Having Your Roommate as Your Best Friend

I met my best friend freshman year of college. A couple of kids sitting at a biology lab table which basically nothing in common except that we were all Professional Writing majors. Who knew we would turn out to be best friends three years later?

Meeting only a few times a week for biology, I knew in my heart we probably wouldn’t get to know each other that well. Once the semester ended, we said our farewells and I knew I’d always remember her as one of my first friends at college.

Kutztown University wasn’t exactly a small college, but it wasn’t Penn State or Bloomsburg either. When I saw her in a few classes the following semester, we always made sure to save each other a seat. We both decided to take on a new foreign language together, and the next two years we sat side by side listening to the unbearable lectures, copying each others notes, and sending late night texts asking what we got for question number twelve.

By the end of our junior year, she was practically living in my apartment, so I told her we should make it official. She was a commuter, and I knew she missed out on the typical college experience her first years at school. By the middle of the summer, she was visiting me at home because we missed each other so much.

August finally rolled around and it was like nothing had changed.

I did have friends from home, but no one compared to my roommate. While most shy away from bodily functions, we have farting contests and keep each other company while we shower. Being able to talk to her like she is my sister is a blessing and a curse. There are no secrets, but that’s okay.

The best thing about having your roommate as your best friend is that she understands. When my boyfriend and I fight, she stays away until the waters have calmed. Later on, I’ll hear the small scratch on my door, or even the chime from my phone from her. “What’s fuckface doing now?”

The best thing about having your roommate as your best friend is that she calls you out on your shit, and she may get sassy or bitchy, but she’ll always tell you she loves you.

The nicknames, stories, and quotes we have of each other will always be my fondest memories and the best inside jokes of our college career.

When my boyfriend isn’t being a knight in shining armor, she’ll step in to take his place. Making me dinner and brownies, while cuddling on the couch when I’m home sick is a better Friday night than getting drunk at the bar.

Speaking of the bar, it’s always an adventure when we go together.The typical things make her the best friend and roommate I could ever ask for, but it’s the unique attributes that will make me love her always.