How Vikesh Champaneri stole the show

Unless you've been under a rock, you will have stumbled upon the heart-warming story that is Vikesh Champaneri and his audition on The Voice UK. 

It was's observation of "where your people at?" that started the fortunate turn of events for gutsy Vikesh. Despite not having the support of his family, Champaneri still attended the show, alone, and sung his heart out... all the way to the knockouts!

Before revealed his steal, he spoke to Vikesh about his admiration for turning up alone, despite not having his people: "You seem like you love music so much that you don't care what anybody thinks, you're going to get up there and you're going to show the world even if you have come here alone..."

Vikesh is our kind of guy! He doesn't care what people thinks, he's following his passion and doing what he needs to do to get shit done. This boy got gumption! 

Watch the moment gave Vikesh a lifeline and stole him from Ricky Wilson:

"He's someone who is wiling to go against all odds to sing, that's the kind of dude... I need a Vikesh on my team." revealed to the camera after the show.

19-year old Vikesh from London had a full-house turn during his audition when he brought the house down with his rendition of Adele's 'Hometown Glory'. After the battle Vikesh couldn't believe what had just happened. Once he stopped saying "OMG" over and over he said: “When Will stole me, it was really really humbling. For someone who has never sung professionally, it’s a new experience.”

In case you needed further validation of just how much Vikesh rocks, check out his performance of 'It's a man's world' during The Voice UK knockouts:

We're totally behind him all the way, go #TeamVikesh!  With his ballsy attitude he has what it takes to make it all the way to the final, and beyond!