How the Vaccination Argument and Medicating Argument are Similar

All my life I have heard the To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate debate.  People fear that it leads to Autism.  Others do not want to risk that their child may develop an illness that a vaccine could prevent.  I do not have children, and I was vaccinated for all but chicken pox and did not become autistic.  Given that, I do not feel I have a dog in the vaccine fight.  However, a dog I do have is in the To Medicate or Not to Medicate debate.  And, I personally feel they are similar arguments.  Here is why.

When I was in fifth grade my teacher told my parents that she thought I may have Attention Deficit Disorder.  My parents consulted my doctor and she “felt” that it was possible and worth medicating me to see if it helped.  I was on those meds for 8 years before actually being tested for A.D.D.  When I was finally tested, it was proven that I DID NOT have it.  I had a learning disorder, but not one that A.D.D medication could help.  Annoyance at the misdiagnosis aside, I can tell you that being wrongfully medicated can have bad side effects.  It does not cause other conditions as far as I know, but the side effects of the medicine are a doozy, as were the after-effects of being off the pills. 

How I find the arguments similar is that the method for stabilizing my learning and attention issues is like the method for vaccinating.  The methods are not very healthy. 

Generally when doctors vaccinate people for multiple diseases, they put the vaccines in a needle cocktail and administer them almost all at once.  I suppose it is to save time and have less needle pricking.  But at the same time, cocktails as we know from alcohol, can also be a doozy.  What I have read states that medicating so much at once is what could possibly lead to worse side effects.  What doctors need to do is to medicate individually or less mixed.  Yes it means more shots, but also possibly could hinder the growth of autism?  Something worth looking into I think.

If my doctor had bothered to test me for A.D.D at age 10, it may have proven sooner that I should not be on those meds.  Personally those meds made me tired, jumpy, spaced out, and after being off them I continued those side effects.  Now, while someone who actually has A.D.D might experience those effects, unlike me, the meds would do them the good they are meant to!  Essentially I spent 8 years a lab rat.  My doctor said that A.D.D is hard to diagnose, so often they are in the dark, and I while I understand that, I think you are especially without a light if you do not even BOTHER to test for it! 

So you can say, I am about as enraged as a mother of a child who may have developed Autism from vaccinations.  While I am not as bad off as someone autistic, I certainly was harmed and not helped.  So, as I have said, To Vaccinate and To Medicate are similar arguments because A). There is a better way to vaccinate and medicate, B). They can cause bad side effects if done wrong, and C). The ones who lose are the vaccinated/medicated, and not the ones who do the vaccinating/medicating.  Like I said I do not believe or not believe vaccinating can cause Autism, I think we still do not know for sure.  But from personal experience, I think doctors are just as willy nilly with medicating as they are with vaccinating. 

My solution is not to avoid medicating or vaccinating, my solution is to be more careful and thorough when medicating and vaccinating.  And in a perfect world, make doctors more accountable and liable.  But that will probably never happen.