The New Sexual Revolution : A Step Towards Real Freedom?

Source : Google Image

Source : Google Image

I've come upon a nice article in French which was about the New Sexual Revolution, something the Y Generation is starting, and I thought it was more than interesting. That's why I chose to let you guys know about it. The idea of a New Sexual Revolution comes in the fact that couples are less popular than before and new kinds of relationships are appearing among the 20-30 years old folks. Not only new relationships, but also new sexual identity and new sexual orientations. Let's take a look at this.

Non-Binary Sexual Identities

We are used to hear about three sexual identities : cis-woman, cis-man, transgender. What cis means a woman identifies herself as female, and a man as male. Transgender is being a woman who identifies herself as male, and a man who identifies himself as male. These are binary sexual identities.

Non-binaries are everything in between these three categories above. We can talk about gender-fluid people who identify themselves as both male, female and neither; androgynous, whom are 50% male and 50% female; bi-gendered who have both genders alternately; etc. With these new way to categorize ourselves (for the people who need to put a label on what they are, at least), it became apparent that binary sexual orientation wasn't adequately describing what attracted most people, which led to...

Non-Binary Sexual Orientations

The Non-Binary Flag. Source : Deviantart.

The Non-Binary Flag. Source : Deviantart.

inary sexual orientations are : heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality. Bisexuality, to clarify this one, is when a man or woman (we're talking about birth-assigned gender, not identity) is attracted by either a cis-male or a cis-woman, or as some may say, manly men and feminine women. 

Non-binary sexual orientation is when someone is attracted by people who have non-binary sexual identities. It's more like being attracted to what the person is instead of its gender. The most popular orientations in the non-binary track are :

Skoliosexual: attracted to non-binary and transsexual people and expressions (people who arenโ€™t identified as cisgender).

Pansexual: attracted to all people, regardless of biological sex, gender identity, or expression.

Asexual/Nonsexual: no sexual attraction, but often romantic or spiritual attractions exist.

Now, you'd more easily believe that people who aren't binary, whether in their identity, sexuality, or both, would find themselves sometimes trapped into our old-timer relationship models. That might be the reason behind the...

New Sexual Revolution

he New Sexual Revolution is actually being led by people my age, and without knowing it, I was totally part of the movement (and I still am). Born into the Y Generation because we've been taught since we were babies that we are free to break the social norms and remodel them as we wish, there is an increase in the new forms of relationships.

Heterosexual couples are more and more rare : 63% in 1981 Vs. 44% in 2010 . You can see it on Facebook and other social medias easily : people are looking for partners because they feel alone and "all they find" are friends with benefices or other intimacy-driven relationships that were born with our free minds.

Friends with benefice, fuck buddies, partners who share as well as their beds and their intimacy but aren't in an official relationship, exes who keep on sleeping together, open relationships, pluriamour, etc. Name it, it's there. We get involved with other people, intimately, but we don't engage ourselves in relationships. However, one-night stands and other meet-and-copulate practices are not popular anymore: we don't want to lock ourselves up into an exclusive relationship, but neither do we want to share our sexuality with someone we just met. We choose the grey zone, which seems to be, in fact, a lot more colorful. 

It's refreshing, isn't it? To see so much freedom and so much acceptance of it? 

Yes and no. Though we are the door of ultimate sexual liberty, we are also dwelling deeper into our incapacity, as a generation and as a society, to engage ourselves and to take responsibilities. Some argue that this new sexuality that invites everyone to try something different and typical heterosexuality with cis-gendered people is bad for those who are not only trying it, but are non-binary. Some others will say that this is an amazing act of freedom and proves that we are evolving towards global equality.

For my part, I'm not sure what to think of this : I'm happy we, as a society, accept people's differences and preferences, but I'm also worried this will lead us to a deeper level of blandness and heteronormativity because if everyone is gender and identity-queer... Our colorful grey will lose all of its shades...