"Come to Papa!" Why?

“That’s it baby, come to Papa!”  I’m sorry, but aside from a father saying that when teaching a toddler to walk, I do not want to hear that come out of a man’s mouth!  Also do not want to hear, “That’s right, who’s your daddy!” unless he just shaved off his beard and his kid cannot immediately recognize him.  That might seem very strict, but essentially what I am saying is: do not refer to “hot” girls as your “babies” and yourself as their “daddy/papa”, it is creepy!  I mean really, what does that mean?

I am not condemning the entire male gender, I am not saying all men do this, nor is it only in reference to a pretty girl.  Sometimes they are saying “come to papa,” to poker winnings or a juicy steak.  They say, “Who’s your daddy.” to someone they just beat on a video game.  But I cannot help but think men equate something tasty, or something they won/subdued, to a woman.  I think I am right.  

Nevermind the sexism in treating a woman like a piece of meat or something for them to claim for themselves.  I will focus on that in a moment.  Right now I want to discuss how horrifying it is to think of a girl you want to bonk, like she is your child, especially if you are older and the woman is younger.  Saying you are her “daddy?”  That is not hot, that is disturbing.  Why do men want to treat us like that?  Okay as disturbing as it is, it is more sexist than anything.  I try to distinguish them, but the fact is that Sexism = Disturbing.

What do fathers do with their daughters?  They raise them, teach them lessons like right from wrong, they support them and help them in whatever way they can.  Is that what men who use father terms for themselves with women trying to achieve that?  Or is it more likely that they just like the idea of having all say in the relationship and the daddy term is fun when thinking about how the girl will service them, and how they can spank them if they are “bad.”  Sick,  truly sick.  

Hey, those father phrases I reference are popular phrases used by both men and men and women, sometimes replacing papa with momma, but not necessarily.  They are used so frequently that people probably do not even realize it.  they might mean to ill intent with it.  But why do they ever start using them if it were not intentional?  Use them if you are talking to your children I guess.  I try not to squirm when you refer to food or a win.  But I have heard it used far too often in reference to women they want to bed.  And it is just plain wrong.  I understand fetishes and defend everyone’s right to have them, but this is one that despite echoing Voltaire, I do not like to defend.