Are we too desensitized for Romantic Comedies?

Just yesterday, as I was cleaning my room, I found a stack of old Glamour magazines under my bed. I began reading the May 2014 issue, and in it I found an interesting article by H. Myers-Shyer, entitled "Big Don't: No-one's Making Rom Coms." This article resonated with me because it blatantly discussed the decreasing popularity of romantic comedies, something I am aware of, but never really took the time to think about.

When you take a step back and observe the movie world, there are several genres that stand out distinctively from one another. Action, thriller, horror, comedy, and romance are five basic, popular genres that are encompassed in mainstream blockbuster movies we know and love. But, these days, audiences seem to really enjoy movies with particularly suspenseful, high action scenes. So, what has happened to romantic comedies?



The movie business is changing. Any film that doesn't have franchise potential doesn't have a high chance of being featured by a major studio. Most studios don't get excited about a movie unless they think it will be popular all around the world, so the "delicate" movies, such as romantic comedies, get put on the back burner. What does this mean? Have we lost touch with our sensitive sides?

Romantic comedies are actually positive reinforcement in our lives. They can strengthen relationships, can put people in better moods, and are comforting. In her article, Shyer uses the movie, The Break-Up as an example. The movie features a couple making mistakes, which can open communication in your own relationships. Watching movies like The Break-Up have been used as therapy to keep couples from getting divorced.

But even with facts like these, there is still another hurdle in keeping romantic comedies alive...filmmakers steer clear of the genre, and some actors refuse to take roles in them. Shyer defends the romantic comedy and says that the genre ruled for decades. Romantic comedies are the movies we re-watch over and over, and quote to prove a point. We watch them when we're down, using them for a pick-me-up, or a means to feel inspired. Shyer says, "When was the last time you were feeling down and all you wanted to do was watch Thor?"

We have to bring romantic comedies back. Screenwriters have to refresh the common love story. It is a very necessary staple in our lives. We women do love an action packed thriller, but there is nothing like a good love story. Hollywood needs to step up its game and bring this genre back!