Who is Your Spirit Animal?

You would think a person's spirit animal is an actual animal, and it can be.  But it is a trend these days to have your spirit animal be a prominent person in society who you relate to. My spirit animal is mammalian, however it does not walk on all fours; nor does it fly, slither, and is not covered in fur. She is a person, her name is Anna Kendrick.

I have forgiven her for her Twilight days (that was early in her career) it got her a head start. It is everything she has done since that made her catch my eye. Up in the Air, Rapture-Palooza, and Into the Woods are my favorite movies of hers. She is fun in Pitch Perfect as well, however it is not just her roles that I like, it is Anna herself. Like me, she is tiny, but has the presence of someone much taller.  She has a quirky sense of humor, and she is not afraid to let her freak flag fly.  

Some people have told me that the only thing that sets us apart physically is a different nose and I am much heavier than her. I have an older picture of myself doing my best (unintentional) impression of her face. I love watching her in interviews, the Lip Sync Battle is a particular favorite of mine. Anna Kendrick has a great voice, another similarity right there as I like to sing too; if I got to sing a duet with her I would die happy.  

I want to know if any of you have spirit animals? This can be an actual animal or a person. Let me know if you even believe in spirit animals.  I would love to know what it is and why you feel a connection to this particular animal.