Big and Beautiful: that new and dangerous trend

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Big and Beautiful is a new trend that scares me. A lot.

I think it's important to believe that we are beautiful, not only as a woman, but as a person. I believe it's the key to self-esteem, which is the main quality you need for everything else.

However, it's not okay to hide obesity and overweight under the category of "beautiful". Now, I'm not saying that large women (or people in general) are ugly; I'm saying that we must not accept a very unhealthy habit because you're marking yourself as "Big and Beautiful".

You'll be beautiful if you're healthy too, but you'll probably live longer.

I'm afraid of this new trend. I'm scared of it because we teach younger and older women that it's okay, you can be seriously fat and it's not your problem, society must accept you the way you are and tell you that you are still beautiful. Which you probably are. You're just unhealthy, and you need to know.

Here's what overweight and obesity does to you :

Source : Google

Source : Google

I think that this new mentality is one of the worse we could have come up with to empower women. Though we must stop fat-shaming at all cost, we can't start to fat-praise neither. Beauty standards are unreachable for most of us, we know that, but there has to be a middle-ground in which we should stand : being healthy.

Stop talking about weight loss. Stop talking about "Big and Beautiful". 

Start talking about being healthy.