What is a Strong Female?

What the hec’ is a Strong Female?  Many have tried to define it, I can’t say if they succeeded.  I think we can only define whether or not we are strong. We can debate whether or not the women of classic and contemporary literature and film are strong until we are blue in the face.  But maybe we should stop looking for role models, and be the role model.  Who are you?  It is okay if you don’t know yet, I don’t know yet either. 

Let’s start the conversation, what is a strong female?  Or rather, who are we? 

Get to know me a little bit. I am Susan, my personality attributes I guess are that I love deeply, am a very rational thinker, I am a mother hen to everyone I meet, and I believe in equality.  Codes I live by are: do not judge what you don’t understand, the littlest thing can restore faith in humanity, and do not give up.  Physically I relate proudly to Venus figurines, my style is mostly androgyny yet favoring feminine when I decide to care, the only product I use is shampoo and soap, but occasionally cologne I swiped from my Grandma’s house when we were moving her to assisted living.

I hail from a family of mostly women, and I feel they are very strong.  Throughout our history we have pulled off impressive feats.  During war time I had a female relative who slaughtered her livestock and hid the meat in jars buried under the stone walkway in front of their house so the raiding soldiers had nothing to pillage.  A young woman in my family’s history herded cattle across multiple states with no adult supervision or breadcrumbs to mark her path.  In the past one hundred years one of my grandmother’s survived massive patriarchy to build a life for herself free of any master.  I have a lot to live up to as you can guess. 

Do I sound strong?  Do my matriarchs? Do you hail from strong women or are you a first gen? Regardless, only we can define ourselves and decide if we are strong.  But if you are writing for or reading Gumption, you are probably pretty darn strong.