An Open Letter to the Boy Who Let Her Go

Relationships are probably the most rewarding and, simultaneously, the most terrifying experience in existence. Being human entails the need for human interaction (amongst other things), which in essence manifests in many forms and enters your life in many ways.

The soul; your soul is such a precious thing and finding someone who completely complements and understands your soul is something some people search their whole lives for. I am fortunate enough to have found my person – that single human that just sees me for all I am and loves every part, both light and dark.

The tricky part, however, in finding this person is (in whatever form they may appear) is that when they hurt, you hurt too. You feel their pain and sorrow, and then you feel the worst case of helplessness you will ever experience.

My person, let’s call her Peach, is everything my soul needs. We share an unconditional love for each other and it is with that solid foundation that we enter our days each and every morning. She radiates love and light; without which many parts of my life might have been the end of it.

Then she met this person. And this letter is for that person.

Dear Person,

I truly hope you are well. I hope that you are happy and satisfied with your life. I say this with the most sincere authenticity I can muster. Still, this letter is to let you know of the consequences that resulted through your actions.

So, I wish you the brightest of lives and fulfilling happiness, but you messed up – badly.

The other night Peach was in my arms, her face buried in my shirt, sobbing. Her pain all but manifested in another being. I held her and hugged her. She cried and felt every ounce of the pain in her heart. And to be honest, all I wanted was to make you hurt – more than you ever have.

You thought that you could give her the world, I get that. I get that you once thought you were meant to be or that she was somehow the last piece to complete you perfectly lived life’s puzzle. But you thought that and then one day, you changed your mind. You promised her your heart, and then you broke that promise. Breaking that promise, broke her.

She was everything you needed, and I know that one day you will see that sowing your wild oats was not worth missing out on the life she could have let you share in. You are going to wake up one day and realise that nothing comes close to the experience she could have given you.

All she needed in return was you. She gave her soul to you, naked and vulnerable, and all she asked in return was to have that act of love reciprocated.
And you were not man enough to give your soul to her.

Yes, she is heartbroken and she is downtrodden. She is miserable and she is bitter. But one day she will wake up and realise that you not being there anymore is the very best thing she could ever have asked for.

You broke her, but her light and love is so strong that she is healing herself, moment by moment. And one day she will meet him – the one that will (without her even having to hint at it) give her his soul in totality. And you will hear the news somehow, and you will break down and you will be filled with regret.

For one day Peach will stand up and dust herself off. She will return to herself and she will dominate and rule. For she is a woman with gumption. She will empower and inspire. And it will be all her.

I will be privileged enough to witness the girl you let go, put herself back together and own this world. And it will be nothing even remotely related to your presence in her life.

You deserve happiness. You deserve love. You deserve everything your heart desires. It’s your right.
However, with that right, you also have the responsibility to make sure you do not hurt any other human being in your process the way you did her. ‘Cause, let me tell you, karma is a crazy psychopath and sooner or later that catches up with everyone.

Peach will take you lies and broken promises, and turn them into the most beautiful life lessons that she can learn from and grow with. You have not seen a woman like her be completely and totally herself. It is amazing.

I hope you are happy and I know she hopes that for you, too. But, I have to say, I think I got the best part of this: I get to see her blossom and bloom into the woman that she always has been. And that is pretty awesome.