Here, Kitty, Kitty: Why Cat-Calling is Ridiculous

Apparently, I have something I need to come out with.  I have denied it all this time, remained in the closet of denial, and it is time I said something.!  What?  You thought I was going to say something else?

Yes I am gay, but that is not what I am coming out for.  I have come to the conclusion that I must secretly be a feline.  Because people are always calling me every name in the book to get a reaction out of me and get me to "come back home" so to speak.  Cats are hard to get a rise out of, that is frustrating for pet owners, yet also a bit of a thrill.  It is the only socially acceptable reason to make an ass out of yourself and not worry about anyone judging.  When they hear, "here kitty kitty!" and any cutesy names following that, they know what is up.  

Well, no one has said, "here kitty kitty," and the names were not cute, at least not with the inflection the people used.   I get called insulting things by men out of their car windows, when I have absolutely no reason to come to them.  The term for it is, cat-calling.  Which should really only apply to cats.  I mean, really!

Since I started puberty around age 9, I have been cat-called when walking down the street.  Boys and even grown men would shout lascivious and sexually inappropriate things out their car windows at me.  Something like, "hey sexy!" and "work it!"  and even once I was asked by a car at a red light when I stood on a corner, how much I would cost for a night and then was laughed at as they drove off.  I have been howled and hooted at.  No matter how I dress or move or do, the cat-callers stay the same.  

I never get much of a look at them personally.  When I do they are often dressed not to impress, they have sneering faces, and their cars are a piece of junk.  I guess if you cannot respect other people, you do not respect yourself much either.  I've read that men cat-call women because they are insecure about themselves.  They are usually not very successful with women in real life.  They may even resent us and that is why they disrespect us like this.  But regardless of the why, it is not acceptable.  

I and all women should be able to walk down the street without having to worry about men verbally assaulting us.  Especially if the man doesn't have the gall to do it unless he is in a speeding car.  I do not generalize that all men are like this, because they aren't.  But there is a sub-group of men who do, and I do not get why.  I am not a cat, I am a respectable woman.  Let me go on my daily walk in peace!