Why I Support Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has been under attack lately.  Conservatives want Planned Parenthood de-funded.  They refuse to believe that Planned Parenthood is for more than just abortion.  What I will say about Planned Parenthood has been said plenty, only some will come from my own opinion. However, if I have learned anything from my mom, nagging works eventually.  Dear, Conservatives, if you don't like Planned Parenthood, just don't use their services!

Only three percent of funds at Planned Parenthood go to abortion.  The rest goes to contraceptives, reproductive help, cancer and STD testing, and other women's health services.  Literally, it is a service for planning your parenting future, hence the name. Childish I know, but I think this calls for the statement of the highly technical term, "DUH!"  

On the abortion topic I am pro-choice with the caveat that I always hope the mother chooses not to abort.  I am pretty sure that is what many pro-choicers feel.  Pro-choice does not mean we WANT to kill babies.  Also, what some do not realize is that, pro-life is often confused with a more appropriate term, pro-birth. They will fight to take your right to abort the baby, but once it is out of you, they could not care less about it.  

The reason some women abort is not that they don't want to go through with having a baby, it is because they can't.  Some reasons are that they have a disease that could harm a child, they may not be healthy enough to live through a pregnancy.  Some people say that having a baby from rape and even incestuous rape is not enough excuse to abort, but what if a young girl, like a elementary age girl gets raped and she happens to be matured enough to be able to procreate.  A little girl would have trouble  carrying out a pregnancy at her size.  

Now, one argument is that no matter why you abort, a baby should not be the one to be punished for it, it was not their idea to be born.  That is true.  There is the argument of how long until it is a feeling human being.  And some are insensitive enough to argue that the girl should not have gotten herself in that kind of trouble.  

To the first argument, aborting is not about punishing the baby, it can be about saving it from a bad life.  And who says the mother is not punished?  She has to live with this for the rest of her life.  Some people cannot have kids after an abortion if something goes wrong in the procedure.  That is a pretty serious punishment.  To the second argument, and some may think me harsh, but we all die, sometimes painfully.  If you don't mind death penalties for living breathing people, then abortion should be no different.  To the third, the "her fault" argument.  The man involved is just as liable is he not?  It is not just up to the girl to have birth control, which is not always readily available.  Condoms are not completely reliable.  Women have gotten pregnant even with both female and male contraception.  

What if we tried putting such restrictions on men like we do women.  I mean first off, how would we do that?  Often times when people are deciding not to procreate anymore, it is often recommended to sterilize the man because it is an easier procedure.  Women have to be cut open to sterilize.  But when it comes to contraception, it is easier to protect the woman.  We have many birth control options.  Men just have condoms.  Men aren't going to go to the length of vasectomies just to have protected sex?  Also, condoms are better at protecting against STD's than female contraception (which can't protect from that at all).  

It could be worthy of discussion to make restrictions on what does and does not qualify for a reason to abort, aside from how long the pregnancy has progressed.  I would support any of the reasons I listed above as good reasons.  We have made condoms easier to acquire, and we could make other forms of birth control the same way if conservatives would keep their noses out of it.  If a person does not take steps to protect themselves when they have readily available options, then that is their problem.  But that is just it.  It is THEIR problem.  It is their body, and only they can say what is done to it.  

Like the popular saying, "if you don't like abortions, do not get one!"  I fully support that.