5 Ways to be Proactive in your Field

It’s not an easy ride after you graduate from college. You go from working towards your future to actually being in your future, and all of a sudden it becomes really overwhelming.

It’s even worse when you just can’t seem to find a job in your field. It’s so hard to keep a positive attitude after you haven’t heard back from any of the jobs you have applied for, and you still don’t  have any interviews on your calendar.

What I have learned in my two years post college, is that you always should be doing something in your field, even if you don’t have an actual job in your field. I learned that you have to be proactive in your field in order to land that job you’ve always wanted. Here are 5 ways to do just that!

 1.      Network

I cannot stress this enough. Today, it’s all about who you know. You can apply to two hundred jobs online, then end up getting hired by a friend of a friend. So, take some time to think about who you know. Reach out to people. Maybe they personally can’t get you hired at their place of work, but they might know someone else who is hiring. Send them a text or a message on Facebook. Even if the answer is no, at least you reached out. And if the answer is yes, then great!

2.      Attend events

Events are held for every single job field, whether it’s teaching, nursing, or public relations. You can find out about events by going to your local community center, or even by going on Facebook and searching events in your area. If you ‘like’ certain pages that pertain to your field, you will get more information on your newsfeed. How easy is it to stay in the know by just scrolling through your Facebook!

3.      Keep being an expert

When you’re in college, it’s so easy to keep up with anything new that’s happening in your field, because your professors will tell you about it. After college, you don’t really have a daily wealth of information regarding your field. It’s a good idea to subscribe to some websites that will send you updates, or even subscribe to monthly magazines. The more you know, the more you can impress your boss in your future position.

4.      Write things down

I started keeping a folder of notes in my phone so that way wherever I am, I can write something in there and I won’t forget about it. It could be an idea, something someone says, an article you want to read later, etc. Keep your mind thinking about your profession. Make it a priority in your thoughts. Good results will come!

5.      Consider doing an internship or some freelancing

I know what you’re thinking—“I already did an internship in college, I don’t want to do another one!” Yeah, me too. But the job market is brutal right now and I’m telling you, managers love the fact that you’ve had multiple internships. Also, if you’re in public relations, marketing, film, software design, or any kind of writing, a website called Upwork has tons of freelancing jobs available. You just have to go on their website and make a profile to get started. It won’t be the same kind of pay as a full-time job, but hey it’s a start!

So there you have it! Keep up the good work and stay positive. You’ll land a great job soon!