The Greatest Adventure

People constantly tell me that I am a big kid. This I will never mind, as it is the child in me that is the best part of me. The part of me that lived in a huge but reclusive world. Full of vibrant colors and endless adventure. That innocent part of me saw only grandeur in every place and everyone. Looking out with youthful eyes people's lives were seemingly full of laughter, love and mystery. Even when I was alone I was never really alone. My imaginary world was greater than the real one and I preferred it more. It included every fantasy world I'd had ever read, seen on TV or movies and even my favorite video games. There, I was the heroine, the explorer and the martyr. Even out and about in public the iridescent bubble that surrounded me kept me out of touch with reality, protected from the foes of the actual real life. With my innocence unpolluted my heart beat strong and richly red.

The time came in my adolescence for me to pop my colorful cocoon and let the world rush into me like the wind. And as to be expected the world was harsh and unforgiving. With it came all the things that we all face in life. My heart at times weakened and became dull but it was never beaten. From so much pretending to be the hero and explorer, I learned to take on real life as the greatest adventure ever. Dealing with the ups and downs is particularly hard but what is even harder is to keep the flame of innocence shining in my spirit. I came to terms with reality and understood that no matter what life will inevitably include loss, heartbreak and disappointment at times. I realized that life, even with tragedy is beautiful as it is the very tragedies that make the wonderful things in the world shine so much brighter. 

The real world is vibrant and full of life, laughter and love. I keep only those I love and admire as close to me as possible, as they provide inspiration and support. And I take on the outside world like a journey through Hyrule. It will take a long time to reach my goal but along the way I will meet many different people, learn new things, and gain the tools that I need to tackle life. And when the battles of life come to the front I will fight them with everything I've got, taking my wins and losses with new lessons. I am now and forever the heroine of my world.