Time Again for MyLOLA!

My mum, stepdad, and my sister were drinking tea and eating shortbread cookies on our balcony. I had just come out of my room, all nervous and sweaty; knowing that what I had to ask my mum could most probably be the most mortifying request ever.

In exactly three days I was turning thirteen, and nothing could mess up my enthusiasm. Except for one dreaded thing: my very first period.

As I cautiously walked up to my mum, I whispered in her ear, dead certain that my inaudible question was as loud as the embarrassment on my face. “Mum, we need to go to the store. I need tampons.”

Fast forward almost 10 years and I am 22. So many months have passed between my then shy request and the now absolute normality of this very special bodily function. As I am growing older and babies are just popping out (excuse the pun) everywhere, I am reminded that someday I will be lucky enough to share my body with another little human being and that it is my responsibility to make sure my body is as healthy as possible. And if that were not to happen, I will have a healthy body all to myself!

It was with this realisation that I started looking for ways to make sure the things my body consumes, are not secretly dangerous. During my search for the better and healthier things out there, I found the miracle that is LOLA.

LOLA is a revolutionary new way of approaching that time of the month. LOLA is based on the value that we as women not only have the right to protect and nurture our own bodies but we have the exact same responsibility.

Made from 100% cotton material with plastic applicators, LOLA products are discreet and non-nondescript. Delivered right to your doorstep, you can customise your order online to fit all the seasons (light to super) of your period, as well as the quantity that fits your needs. All of this with the assurance of knowing what exactly your body is consuming, LOLA is simpler products combined with modern convenience and complete transparency.

“Ordinary tampons are made from synthetics like rayon and polyester. LOLA tampons are 100% cotton – which means they’re 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, and 100% easy to feel good about.”

According to the FDA, feminine care companies are not required to list all the ingredients in their products. We see the product and assume it is all cotton, but it truly is not. There are all kinds of other (potentially) harmful things mixed in. And although, at the moment LOLA only delivers within the United States of America, their aim is to completely change the landscape of feminine care products with their completely natural approach to making the whole month a happy one!

After 10 years of monthly grocery store runs and feeling bleh for at least a few days per month, LOLA offers me a new way to, through all the hormones, feel good about my body. Long gone is the embarrassment of that nervous almost-13 year old I was way back when. She is replaced with a happier and healthier me.

Take care of yourself and start looking forward to your monthly visitor.