30 inspirational things my mum said to me.

My mum, obviously, is the best. She is constantly picking me up from places, feeding me, giving me advice and helping me on my way. My mum is my inspiration for many reasons, but I think one of the most profound reasons why is the way she raised me: with love and respect and positivity.

Here are thirty inspirational things she said to me (and still says) that inspire me each and every day to become the person that I want to be.

1. “You can be anything you want to be.”

2. “You are weird, and weird is wonderful.”

3. “Sleep on it, and you’ll know what to do in the morning. Sleep always provides an answer.”

4. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.’”

5. “You can do football! It’s not a boys sport!”

6. “You can go fishing! It’s not a boys thing!”

7. “You and your brother can both do ballet, it’s not a girls thing!”

8. “Play with what you want - if you want to play with trucks then play with trucks.”

9. “Sure you can dress yourself. I love that backwards cap with the ‘TWO FOR ONE’ sticker on it.”

10. “WOW, you’ve worked so hard on your artwork - well done you!’

11. “WOW, you’ve worked so hard at your writing - well done you!’

12.“WOW, you’ve worked so hard at school - well done you!’

13. “Everyone makes mistakes.”

14. “Okay, you want to act. We’ll get you involved in the local ammeter dramatics group.”

15. “Okay, you want to sing. We’ll get you a kick ass singing teacher.”

16. “So football’s not your thing anymore, that’s cool.”

17. “If we’re going to get a dog, you need to look after it, do you understand?”


19. “You can only do your best, and if you’ve done your best we’ll be proud of you.”

20. “You need to knuckle down, work hard and never give up.”

21. “Cut yourself some slack - look after yourself, have a night off."

22. “Of course I’ll be at your ballet performance.”

23. “Of course I’ll be at your drama show.”

24. “Of course I’ll pick you up after your exam.”

25. “You can do this.”

26. “I believe in you.”

27. “Come on, I’ll help you.”

28. “There’s no such word as ‘can’t’.”

29. “Great job.”

30. “I love you.”

These words and phrases that I remember from my childhood are a constant stream of love, encouragement and positivity. Without this, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I wouldn't be pursuing my dreams or living my life happily. My mum has given me so much over my life, but it is her attitude and resilience in tough times that inspires me onwards and upwards.