I am Woman

I am Woman by Aliyah Jacobs

I choose to be undefined, Undefeated but despised

Rejected, Dismembered, Disgraced, Maltreated.


But I am Woman – unafraid to be seen

I am me – a woman and everything that means

Unafraid, Hand-made,

Warrior, Ruler, poet, Queen.

Boldly powerful, With a need to be seen


This is Woman – take a look and see

Object, Subject, Beaten, Silenced

But still undefeated; Queen.


I am Woman!

Possessing a powerful form.

Victorious, Impassioned,

Courageous. Spirited, Formidable,


She is woman and all that means!

Captain, Healer, Fighter. A Freer.

Impassioned, Emblazoned.

Powerful. Whole.


I am woman, a spark inflamed,

Crowned with glory – That is all of me.

She is woman, poet, ruler.

Warrior, Queen.