10 things to stop doing in order to get happy

Image courtesy of happyologist.co.uk

Image courtesy of happyologist.co.uk

1.  Stop caring about what people think.

Not doing something because you're worried about being judged is stupid. Ok, that's a bit of a bold statement, but when you strip everything else away, it's true. Others will judge, no matter what. So do you thing, own your choices, and remember that as long as you're ok with what you're doing, that's all that matters.

2. Stop trying to please everyone.

You can't please everyone all of the time. Instead of using your energy trying to gain acceptance from others, just do you. The only thing you need to accept is, not everyone will like your choices,  but remember that they're not you and they're not living your life.

3. Stop being a gossip. 

Know this: those who gossip to you, gossip about you! Most of what you hear is only one side of the story, and more often than not you're hearing a rather embellished version of events. Don't be the person who gossips about others, it's not nice and never leads to joy.

4. Stop worrying

The one piece of advice I always give others is: worrying has never solved anything, it will only cause you headache. Stop worrying! Things will work themselves out, and even if they don't... worrying will only make you feel shitty. Just ride the wave.

5. Stop being insecure. 

Believe in yourself. It's that simple. You should always, without hesitation, be secure in yourself and who you are. We're all evolving, we're not perfect, but we're the best versions of us. Own it!

6. Stop taking things so personally.

Shit happens, yet the world keeps turning. Not everything is about you, so unless it's actually about you, shrug it off and carry on with your day. Get out of your head, the world outside is a nice place.

7. Stop living in the past. 

What has happened, has happened. You cannot change what's gone, so fix what you can (if you're at fault... saying sorry is always a good first step) then move on. Leave the past in the past and focus on the future. Time will move on, even if you don't

8. Stop being stubborn. 

Just let it go! Sometimes we just don't want to budge, this is never a good thing. Compromise is something we all should master, by engaging in a little give and take you'll be surprised how much better a situation can end up being.

9. Stop being angry. 

You're not as right as you think you are. We've all experienced situations that have left our blood boiling, however we all contribute to a situation and things are never one-sided. Holding on to anger only hurts you, it's not healthy, so 

10. Stop being controlling. 

So many things are out of our control in this world, so stop trying to micro-manage your life and those in it. Embrace the unexpected, and go with the flow. You might end up pleasantly surprised how things can be when you loosen the reins slightly.