We were born with hair on our legs!

Dear Ladies, who told you that you were not allowed to have hair on your legs? Under your arms? ON your arms? On your face? Well, they were wrong! We are mammals, they are hairy. 

We were born with hair on our bodies, just like men. We do not need to be ashamed of the hair on our chinny-chin-chin. We do not need to keep up with shaving if we haven’t the time or the care. And anyone who tells you otherwise, needs to learn this lesson too.

According to the Human Body Exhibition, we have almost the same amount of hair as a chimpanzee. Regardless if you think we descended from apes or not, try to take that to heart. Apes and Humans are both mammals, we have the same organs and we can walk on two legs.  Why can’t it be true, that we have the same amount of hair? Yes our hair is not as dark or long, but that does not mean we do not have as much. 

I have known and heard of women who torture themselves with hair removal methods. Do not let anyone, male or female, tell you what your body is meant to look like. Actually you should ask, what they think of themselves? We as women panic when we see one hair in the “wrong” place.  But we shouldn’t freak out, as also according to the Human Body Exhibition, our hair grows slower than men’s. Take whatever you need to relax about your hair. Worry more if you can’t grow it... really. Seriously, I am performing upper lip exercises with the long fine hairs on it as we speak. I am awesome. I have not shaved my legs since March, woo! 

There are so many more important things to focus on when it comes to your body. Keeping it clean. Watching out for infections. Making sure you are not harming yourself with bad diets or sleepless nights, and not hurting others with sharp nails or body odor. That is all the effort I put into my body, and it is working pretty good. It is one thing to have visible hair, but another to act like you even notice.  When I stopped caring, so did other people. Hold your head high no matter if it makes your chin hair more visible, roll up your sleeves even if you have fluffy forearms. Be proud of your body! It is the only one you have! 

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