Inspirational Women

There is a certain trait that all inspirational women share. It seems as though it is a part of their biological make-up. They cannot help but live and share this trait with all of those fortunate enough to cross their path. This trait is unapologetic and eternal courage.

This courage burns within every fibre of their being. Every single one of the inspirational women in my life share this trait. They cannot be described without “courage” being amongst the positive and endearing terms to depict what they mean to people.

Courage, for me, is personified in my 18-year-old sister. She is strong, beautiful, caring, soft-hearted, and just so perfectly human. It is because of the way she carries herself that I have decided to pen exactly what it means to be an inspiring women, in my opinion, by the hand of my sister as illustration.

Chrismi, my sister, is three-and-a-bit-years younger than me. She is tall, like my dad, but soft-hearted and kind like my mom. She has the darkest brown (bordering on black) eyes that reveal a life which entails suffering and victory. She has the longest hair I have ever seen. Her smile is sometimes the only reason I continue living. Her heart is open and vulnerable to all who meet her. This is what makes her, her.

Inspirational women, in my opinion, know when to stand up for the right thing.
The accounts of how many times Chrismi has stood up (almost always alone) for those who are marginalised and ostracised by society are too many to explain in this article.
These women see the potential in every single person they meet. They not only see this, but help those fellow-humans to realise their full potential and thusly encourages so many more to be helpful global citizens.

Inspirational women are humble.
Chrismi is one of those people who are more concerned with what they are doing for and how they are helping the global community than individual prestige. These women are always on the look-out for solutions to problems and how to reach those solutions without infringing on any of the related parties’ territory. They aim to bring out the best in people, completely disregarding their own achievements and status. More inclined to honour the achievements and status of those around them, inspiring women (like Chrismi) tend to put themselves second – after the welfare of their immediate and the global community.

Inspirational women are strong.
When a very dear friend of my sister suddenly passed in a horrific car accident, she knew that his mom would benefit more from her strength, support, and understanding than from Chrismi’s sorrow. She took it upon herself to demonstrate to her friend’s mom that she is completely prepared to help in any way that could ease this incredible pain.
Women akin to Chrismi often know that their support and unconditional understanding are what could differentiate between the collapse of and the reconciliation of their fellow-human beings into a foreign and uncharted territory.

Inspirational women are caring.
When asked to describe my sister in one word, most of her friends (myself included) would use the word “caring.” Chrismi will go out of her way to do something for someone if ever the need arises. She wants to be the difference in said person’s life, regardless of the personal cost. Women like my sister (as I am very proud to say) love to love. They love being the source of unadulterated love. They inspire, through this type of love, others to take up one of the most neglected aspects of human love: that of care and love for each other.

Inspirational women are necessary.
Without my younger sister guiding me through some really rough patches in my life, I would most definitely not be where I am right now. My own struggles would have won and I would not be me. Although she is three-and-a-bit-years younger than me, Chrismi has a wisdom within her that can only be explained by having a very old soul. Her wisdom surprises everyone in her/our lives. Inspiring women are necessary because of this exact wisdom that they all inherently have. This quality is necessary to shape a world in which everyone has a spot under the sun and where everyone is validated by having their inherent dignity encouraged.

Inspirational women are empowering.
Chrismi and all those of her kin are those women in your life who uplift and empower all those around them. Through their beings they encourage all that is good and positive in this world, making their immediate society that much of a better place. They guide, support, help, understand, love, and care for those close to them and through that validation of the other, the other then goes and pays it forward.

It is with immense pleasure and pride that I then end-off by saying that I love my little sister. She teaches me about the trials and tribulations of life on a daily basis. But in doing so, shows me that that is definitely not all life is about. There is so much light and goodness in a world that is almost always spoken of in a negative way. And it is up to us all as inspirational women (because we all most definitely are inspirational) to emphasise that light and goodness.

Thank you, to all of those inspirational women in my life and in this world, who focus on creating life in new and creative ways each and every day within the lives of those you touch day-by-day. We absolutely adore and admire you.

We are women. We are inspirational.