An Inspiring quote

I came across this quote on Tumblr, and it struck me absolutely. We live in a fast-paced world, where the internet, and social media and news move so fast - faster than ever before. The moment a news story breaks it is shared by someone on Facebook, or written into an article or re-tweeted on Twitter. I’m not saying this is a bad thing (personally, I’m in LOVE with everything J.K Rowling tells us about the Harry Potter universe and how fast that is turned into news), but I think because of how fast everything moves, many of us have expectations of speedy success in our own life’s.

Sometimes that happens - a friend of mine has just scored an awesome job straight after Uni and moved to London to begin her life. But other times, success is slow - it comes with hard graft, patience and a little bit of luck. And seeing other people succeed super fast can sometimes be a tad demoralising.

This is where the quote comes in. All we, as human beings, can do is trust. Trust that working hard and paying our dues will help somewhere down the line. Trust that other people’s successes and failures in no way diminish what you are trying to achieve. Everyone’s path is different. Everyone struggles, whether they make it known to you or not. All you can do is keep your head down, be kind to others and work hard. Wherever you want to be, you will get there in the end, no matter if it takes you a day or years.

Although we live in a fast-paced world, don’t be afraid to slow it down a little. Take a deep breath. Turn the internet off. Read a newspaper instead of Twitter. Take a long walk one afternoon. Trust in yourself, and your dreams and your ability.

Trust the timing of your life. Stay patient, stay calm, stay determined, stay focused, and most of all trust your journey.