Why You Can't Comment on My Hair

I love your hair in braids

Is something I hear a lot

And I know you guys think you're paying me a compliment

But you're really not

Especially when I think my own natural kinks rock

In a world that's told me

And people that look like me

That my twist outs, wash outs, and braid outs

Ain't professional to thee

When I choose to get my hair braided

It's not to enhance or improve my look

It's to allow my mane to rest

When them winter months got us shook

I think y'all praise braids

Or anything that closely resembles the shit you whip in my face

Like now we can relate

But no

No we cannot, see?

You gonna have to praise me natural

With my hair wild and carefree

As you do when I wear a weave

And if you're biased between long braids and my short little naps

Then your compliments to me are just scrap

They honestly don't mean jack shit

It took a long time for me to realize that I'm a bad bitch

And I still have my days when I think I ain't shit

But your inky dinky compliments and suggestions

Will never take me to that place

All because you can't relate

To the way that I was made