Tribute to a Dying Appreciation for Progress

A case of inexplicable double personalities plague the lives of the youth, the old, the world. Like chameleons we adapt, chop and change to our environment. All the while we convince ourselves, believing that the world is allowed to see what it sees as long as we truly know who we are inside.

But, what happens to those too young and fresh to understand that one concept; the concept that you can be whoever you want to be yet hold your true self high above what the world wants to see. To see and value your real self.

I’ve only had two periods of time in my life where I’d truly felt like myself. From the moment, I was born up to my 13th birthday, I knew who I was yet I never simplified it in words and commit it to a mantra so that I would not lose myself to the journey ahead. Between the age of 17 and this very moment, I again understand who I am. At this very moment, I have snapped out of this life which resembled a foggy haze that had seeped through my skin long enough to make me believe this was all He wrote. Time stood still and I triggered the play button so that I’ve now revealed to myself that I’m simply starring in a continuation of my long lost forgotten innocence; the innocence shattered by the realities of the world at 13 where most children experience confusion.

Only now have I realized that the world has made a fool of itself. All around me we’ve committed certain behaviors to heart. One of which encompasses the stupidity of the idea that a grown up does not play. Should not relax. Should always have eyes for the future. The green that grows on our side of the living must be tended to, yes. Yet, I have too many times seen that we’ve grown into the habit of overfeeding the grass before it was given any appreciation for its hue. Mothers and fathers make haste to their child’s accomplishments yet fail to appreciate the progress. Lovers only feel horrid times where there were supposed to be pleasant ones. Brothers only itch for male dominance in households when it should be  Man’s job to create and preserve peace in it. Sisters will fight for mirrors and approval when the approval they seek had been in each other’s eyes all along. Friends will create the illusion of family in one another when the existing friendship should simply be an addition to it. The appreciation we lack for the simple things in life reflect on us as individuals. Only a child can see the solution in its simplicity while we’ve been convinced instead to believe that it was much more complex. The strain of thought into “who am I” has worn down the creativity of our minds. It has chopped down our green grass to have us believe that there is no grass at all so that it needs more watering. The overflow kills the spirit. It will soon kill the princes and princesses that we all are.