Today is the day, today is the day I'll tell her how much I love her

I say this to myself as I muster up the courage to look at her in the eyes and let my words spill out finally, I've waited so long that I am weary by now, weary from the heartbreaking moments of watching another have many more chances with you then I ever could, simply wishing I was closer , closer to you so you can see just how much you mean to me
My smile is bright as I type out the words beforehand like an elaborate novel, I want to double check, triple check and reread through everything, I want to see my confession through her dazzling blue eyes.
those eyes, that pull me in until I am sinking. I wonder what shes thinking
I finally leave her a message, something cute to brighten up her day, maybe she'll get the hint and I won't even need to confess
I imagined that thought so many times, I ran the idea that you might love me too through my mind. what it would be like if she confessed first, maybe she loves me too but she's too shy to admit it. I hope she thinks of me more then only a friend, I want her to love me, Love me like I'm her first love and her last. Like I'm the only one on her mind..the girl she always wanted to find in those fantasy stories of hers, I want to be the person she never knew she needed and the one she'd never let go of
As I wrap up my love letter in red and velvet and feel my heart go crazy in my chest, beating around like a caged bird as I come closer and closer
My tone is friendly and my eyes light up at the chance to see her again today, my palms are sweaty from the nerves, I take in deep breaths and try to relax, today is like any other day I tell myself.

"Hello" she says, a single word again and it doesn't feel like any other day, maybe today isn't a good time, maybe shes busy or tired, yes that's it, shes tired because of work and she might not be in a good mood, definitely not in the mood for a confession, I should wait until shes happier, wait until the perfect moment, I can wait again, I can wait another day. I can be more prepared next time

Today is the day I've waited, the day I've waited yet again
Tomorrow will be the better day.

How's your dating life?

How's your dating life?

That's why women plaster pics of their body on the gram
With these unnatural waists, tits, hips, and ass
Women that didn't need all this extra tightening and plumping
Until People magazine and them made us feel like nothing compared to the Kardashians, Rihanna, Yonce and all the rest
That need all the money and beauty professionals in the world to look their best
But we often forget

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The Angel in My Heart

"Hold still Angel, keep me close into your heart
and remember me in your mind, the memories should be kind.
I can be your moon
And calm your sea.
You're everything, my entire galaxy.
The stars above shine so bright, they guide me to you in the darkness of the night
Honesty would be the only words that spill from my lips.
Hands on your hips, as I pull you closer into my embrace
Fingertips around your waist,
As we dance in candle light.
I promise to love you, morning to morning and night to night
I'd walk across the sky for you, I'd live a thousand lives for you
I'll give you my love, forever and always"