Growing up I have always known

there are many things I am not 

My beauty was all I had,



My reflection always proved

the one thing I possessed.

Until one day it revealed

that it was stolen, not fair.


Until it I was mine again,

 I would have no peace.

Vindication against a thief,

would win back all fairness.


I hired someone with skill,

and a promise that

a sharp shiny blade would suffice.

Briefly it returned

but overtime my beauty was lost

once more. 


Perhaps to have stitches sewn,

pulled so tight.

My beauty would be trapped

and forever mine.

However again,

I reflected a failure.


Lastly toxins,

just below the surface.

meant to reverse it's treachery.

A plan once more met with defeat.

What was reflected 

was only flaws and ailment.


As I look in the mirror now, 

I don't see beauty

I see loss.

Too long I've many foes of the wrong sort

Time is no foe but a fact. 

Acceptance is my only

true friend.