A Nap

Balmy light leaks from cracks--

the sun is still young.

Cacophony of a jet engine

tears through air shaking walls

from 10,000 feet above

while undisturbed dust sleeps

in tiny trenches on my eyelids.

The world makes its slow,

heaving effort to turn within 24 hours--

even the planet itself

must be on time.

While it moves, I dream

of cities in ruin, trembling

from unchecked power.

Men with red egos

bigger than the nations they rule  

shout into microphones, deceit

and poison tainting their saliva.

People cower

in their homes, unsure

of what is coming.

Let fear erupt in our hearts,

thrash into blue veins,

and fuel our cries.

Let our nerves become the speech

that stirs a thousand hearts.   

Draw courage, like venom,

from the enflamed bite

until it coats the skin like sweat.

Our passion becomes an ocean swell

raging over quaking plates.

Take all the fear, anger, and sadness  

and fill every molecule

so that it keeps us wide awake

with no need to escape

in mid-day sleep.