Ichor Lake

Dylan stood still looking over Ichor Lake as it’s surface quietly danced under the stars. Her fingers had become numb but she didn’t care about her fingers, she also was not aware of how much time had actually passed. She let out a long sigh and stepped out of both her shoes. She curled her toes as the cold sharpness of the waters edge soaked them. She bent her feet back pulling off her socks then shrugged off her jacket. Dylan with another sigh then pulled off her shirt, shuffled out of her pants and lastly her bra and underwear hit the cold pebbles below her. She was unaffected by the frigid night air because her skin was fully flushed with her hot blood pumping furiously back and fourth through her veins. Dylan was deep in her thoughts.

            “I have to get out… I must leave you behind…I can do this…I can do this”

Dylan took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, she thought even deeper about what had led her here. It was hatred, for too long she had been trapped and could bear it no longer. She’d last looked at those watery eyes that stared back at her full of judgment, eyes that could no longer full of life. And that voice, a voice that spewed negativity like an un-yielding fountain of distain. These words always seemed to stay and swirl around in her head so loud it overpowered the world around her.

            “ Damn it, NO!” Dylan spat slapping her hands over her ears. The words started again; Worthless, nothing, unlovable. Dylan had enough, it was time to shed the person she hated most. She placed her hands on her face feeling a surge of sorrow then with a nod as if she had decided something Dylan traced her fingers along her hairline. Until she found a small horizontal cut on her forehead then dug her finger deep into it until her nail touched her skull. She slowly began to pull her skin downward. She twitched at the almost unbearable jolt of pain but continued. The sensation brought on a horrible deep burn as though boiling water was being poured between the her skin and her skull. She fought to breath through the pain but her desire to continue conquered her physical pain. Further still Dylan continued removing the skin from her eyes and she gasped as the cold dry hair hit her eyeballs. She had no choice but to fight the urge to blink and relieve them, as she no longer had eyelids as cover. But Dylan still press on, her skin folded over her mouth and the cold cold air spilled into her mouth.  She didn’t stop until it the last of her skin snagged as it ripped from her toenails.

Without skin there Dylan stood for a moment. No identity, just flesh. She took her deepest breath yet and walked up to the waters edge. A bloody blur reflected back and rippled away from the drops of blood to its surface. Dylan, with one quick glance over her shoulder at her skin flapping like tarp in the breeze, jumped into Ichor Lake. The liquid engulf her in bitter gelid seal. Just when she thought she was on the verge of freezing her head broke the waters surface. She no longer felt the icy cold but a sudden warmth and calm. Dylan, blinking, looked down at her body, she had been reborn. “It worked? I can’t believe this worked!” Dylan stepped back on the muddy bank her old skin was still flittered in its spot. She ran to pick up her phone and turn on her camera. Immediately she let out a scream in shock at what she saw. Dylan had not changed she was still the same Dylan. Suddenly her old flesh burst in flames and she jumped dropping her phone. The fire ended just as fast as it started and it seem to leave words in its ashes. Dylan slowly walked closer and read the message before her. LOVE YOURS