America Sings

In the darkest hour America sings
from a soft whimper to a battle cry, the rain is now pouring down from heavens sky

America sings, she does not waver nor does she lose faith
she stands tall in the mist of her trials, she stands proud like a ballet dancer on her stagePrepared and ready to perform for us, this is not her curtain call

America calls out for the savior, now is the time she screams
the time she weeps, for the promises the people have yet to keep

America sings a mournful song, her vocals reach the clouds above us in the midnight sky and they soar higher each time, she has not given up, she has not fallen down and she is not weary

America Sings, a sirens song to call to thee, to unite us all
she speaks in a million tones that call out to our ears, she hums as the water swishes around to the beat of her broken heart, in the sea you'll find her tears
the mountains ache as they stare down once was and what will never be

America yearns for the day she will truly once again be free, she sings her song . her unfinished melody.