Dear Black Women

Dear Black Women,

We are sorry,

Sorry for allowing you to be raped with hate, anger and fear with a white man in your ear asking you why I'm here and not there

It wasn't fair, 

We are sorry for the long nights we made you work after you were raped to take the crumbs off the white man's plate to nourish our bodies only for us to spit in your face

We didn't respect you

Sorry for allowing our pride to console our emotions and our rage to put us in convulsions and construct abuse with the misuse of our words going heard not only by you but by our sons and daughters to birthing the next generation of dysfunctional segregation 

We were blind

Blinded by the blood in my eyes, from the whips to my backside I got when I stepped out of line trying to protect you.

Protect you from the psychological abuse the white man used to separate us, brainwashing you to believe that you were me and needed to be the head of our family . . . But you're not a man you see. 

We're so ashamed 

That I've stood by and watched as the clock ticked tocked and 400 years later we are still being degraded and our great grandchildren are no longer debating but formulating rap songs, and our grand daughters are shaking their ass in thongs trying to find the richest white man to get on. 

We're appalled 

We did see this coming

But while I was being beat I did get to sneak a peak at who was whipping me . . . and it was you. See you were inflicting the abuse with the use of your tongue which influenced our young and lead us to the destruction of many generations to come. 

It was and still is their plan

To use your actions to blind me with anger and destroy what's around me which is my home, my friends and my family. Causing me to seem like the ape or over aggressive thing causing the depopulation of our lives you see. Leading to the visual perception of our sons and daughters to act stone cold hearted which leads to fatherless daughters and sons without mothers because they can't love one another. 
We didn't know what to do

So I let you beat me

Afraid that if I fought back I'd push you farther away. And watch that disgusting smirk grow on that white man's face because he knows that he won either way. No check needed he HAS my mate possessing you in every way. 

Dangling you In front of my face, while I sit and stare and wish away knowing that the future won't change in the better way.

So when he set me free . . . I put the shackles back on not because I was ignorant . . . But because without me in the picture in some shape or form our hope would be gone. 

We are sorry.