Out of My Hands

I couldn't have accepted this cool summer breeze more than at any other moment in my life. It wafted over a certain fragrance from the natural world that surrounded me; my nostrils were blessed with the scent of wet dewey summer grass, orchids, beautiful azaleas. The ground I laid on was moist and molded against my body as if the world had the intention of swaddling me like it's own child.

I took a practiced breath. My muscles relaxed.

Before I could react, the ground beneath me began to crumble. Not so much that it was a swift cave in but that my body seemed to have felt like it was sinking through quicksand as the ground rumbled and the soil simply broke apart beneath me in small chunks before the final rumble separated the earth I laid on.

My body followed the forces of gravity and, to this day, I have never stopped falling.