Gabriella Ciaccio - Editor-in-Chief

Gabriella graduated from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania with a B.A. in professional writing and public relations.  Her passion is writing. She loves magazine writing and journalism, but her true dream is to become a professional screenplay writer. She also enjoys writing fiction and poetry, and hopes to one day publish books in both of these aspects.

Dominique Wilson - Senior Editor

As a DeSales University Undergraduate TV/Film student, Dominique has written seven short films, four of which she has produced and directed. Since graduating on January 23rd, 2016, she has been working on writing three feature films and continues to write at the request of her peers in a timely and professional manner. 



Tia Fischl - Travel Editor

Tia graduated from Kutztown University with a B.A. in professional writing and public relations in 2015. She has a passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures. So far, she has visited nine countries outside of the U.S. and has plans to continue seeing the world. In addition to writing for Gumption Magazine, Tia teaches English online to children in China and hopes to teach abroad one day. Tia's goal is to inspire people to experience as much of the world as possible through her travel writing. 

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Christine Palumbo - Features Writer

Christine is a retired homeschool mom and social worker. She currently found her "happy job" as a pet sitter in the Lehigh Valley, PA. Her hobbies include cooking, writing, and reading. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. 


Gabriella Suarez - Features Writer

Gabriella is a graduate from Seton Hall University. She loves reading, painting, and cooking. She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. 

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Caroline Heimerl - Features Writer

Caroline Heimerl is a music marketing graduate from Manhattan College who sticks it to the man by night and works for him by day. She currently resides in rural Jersey with her cat, Monkey, and her embarrassing hair metal collection. 


Emily Shemory - Features Writer

Emily, 23, currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her beautiful wife and mini schnauzer. She loves all things fitness, especially weight lifting, and hopes to become a personal trainer someday soon. Her soul is as old as they come, and her nirvana includes books, poetry, typewriters, Chopin, and large mugs of coffee. She loves intellectual conversation and she is interested in discussing relationships, the soul, and health in mind, body, and spirit. 


R.L. Wilson - Features Writer 

R.L. C. Wilson is a 2015 Summa Cum Laude graduate who plans to impact the kinds of the next generation through public speaking and spoken word. R.L. Wilson has been published in a book called Inspirational Youth: Transforming from Ordinary to Extraordinary as the found of B.A.I.T. (Brothers Amazingly Intellectual and Talented). B.A.I.T. is a poetry group created to inspire young black men to become who they are meant to be. R.L. Wilson's life goal is to encourage everyone to LOVE themselves, embrace their culture, and strive to understand each other's. To achieve his goals through his brand, R.L. Wilson understands that it takes an immense amount of passion and a strong faith in his savior Jesus Christ. With a steadfast diet of these components, he believes his dreams are within arms reach. 

Sarra AssA - Features Writer

Like most children, Sarra fell in love with stories and the experiences lived through characters. As the years went by she discovered a love for story-telling and was often disciplined in school for passing around her short stories. Outside of school, Sarra spent most of her time with either Tetris or play writing, and directing plays within her group of friends. When she finally was in possession of a camera, Sarra learned that her true passion is self-expression in every form. This brought about a need for extensive introspection as well as adventure. Sarra hopes to be a guiding and understanding soul capable of reaching young women through vulnerable and honest writing. 

Sheri Hawkins - Features Writer

Sheri is 39 years old and a proud Canadian who lives with her family in Niagara Falls, Ontario. She was raised in a devoutly religious home, but now considers herself to be a "spiritual free thinker".  Sheri has attended the University of Waterloo, studying "Professional & Rhetoric Writing", but has only recently begun to pursue her life-long ambitions to be a writer.  Sheri also has a passion for humanitarian causes, having spent a year in the Dominican Republic teaching English and helping to oversee a grass-roots program designed to teach skills and provide employment opportunities for Haitian refugees.  Sheri has recently developed an interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and enjoys cooking, swimming and spending time with her family.  An avid reader, Sheri enjoys everything from Kurt Vonnegut and the Jane Austen classics, to her large collection of Archie comics.  She also loves to laugh and quote lines from some of her favourite movies, which include "So I Married an Axe Murderer", "The Wedding Singer" and "Anchorman".  


Katherine Cunalata - Features Writer

Katherine is 18 years old and is attending her first year of college at CCNY. She has lived in Brooklyn since she was born and has had a love for writing since she was introduced to it in elementary school. During her free time she enjoys reading and writing. If she's not doing either of those things, she's enjoying videos by her favorite YouTuber, watching Netflix, or playing games with friends. Before coming to Gumption Magazine, she wrote for her own blog while she was in the Girls Write Now program. She hopes to pursue a career in writing or to have the opportunity to become an English teacher/professor.  

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Raychell Mccoy - Features Writer

Raychell loves music and anything artsy. She is 29 years old and writer has been a passion of hers since she was in middle school. Languages and culture are some of her all time favorite things to learn and write about.


Monica Lickona - Features Writer

Monica Lickona is a graduate of DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, with a degree in Television and Film and a minor in Theatre studies. Proudly hailing from McGraw, NY, she is excited to contribute to Gumption Magazine! Monica currently works as a freelance script supervisor and filmmaker on the East Coast, and is open to whatever life throws at her! Her goals include a career as a script supervisor, a ballroom dance instructor, and traveling as much and as often as she can! She also wants to keep telling stories.


Daylan Hillyer - Photographer

Daylan is a young explorer. She lives in the rural depths of Pennsylvania where you need to use your imagination to keep yourself occupies. She thinks of life as an adventure and she likes to make the most of them. Photography allows her to capture her adventures and keep them forever. Exploring is good for the soul and opens the mind as well, allowing us to imagine all sorts of scenarios. While exploring, you can always see that nature reclaims what is rightfully hers and that's something Daylan likes to capture. Road trips and new places excites her, even if they're only a half hour away. She has been exploring and taking pictures for 4+ years now, and it never gets old. Her passion for both has just gotten more intuitive and fun. 


Nadeera Basheer - Features Writer

Nadeera is a writer and video editor focusing on literary and creative arts. Raised in Westchester, New York, she obtained her associates’ degree in Liberal Arts and Social Science and went on to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in English at Lehman College. As a freelance writer and video editor, she has edited and written various articles and content for fashion companies, products and magazines. Nadeera has consulted as a content writer for graphic designers and websites in New York City. She is the author of an upcoming children's book, Farryn Saves the Bride. She has participated in the Gotham Writers Workshop and is frequently sought after for her freelance writing and video editing. 


Artemis Scheepstra - Features Writer

Artemis is a designer, photographer, illustrator, and food hunter who works with LGBTQIA+ issues and also writes about food on a blog. He loves art, music, food, and to study and discover new and different cultures. 



Atlas James - Features Writer

Atlas is an avid lover of words and taken by stories. He holds the world on his very own shoulders. 


MacKenzie Heagy - Features Writer

MacKenzie is a sophomore at West Chester University majoring in Marine Biology. She is a global ambassador for One Ocean Diving, an organization geared towards marine and environmental conservation. She is very active and has been a pre-professional ballerina for the past seven years. he has her scuba diving license and loves to dive. She got into writing after creating a blog about how to cope with mental illness.


Raven Kirishiki - Features Writer

Raven is 20 years old and is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She is working towards earning her degrees in Psychology and Journalism. At the moment, she is working on a collection of short stories inspired from H.P. lovecraft and E.G. Poe, along with a yet-to-be-published book based on Chinese poetry. 


Emma Elizabeth - Features Writer

Emma was born in Flint, MI and studied at Michigan State University. Now based out of Toronto, she is an aspiring Social Justice Warrior and mother to three children. 


Tamara Hawkins - Features Writer

Tamara works in education in England. She enjoys reading, food, and music, and is currently attempting her first novel. She has an ambitious attitude to learning and buying new musical instruments to suit her mood. Her biggest passion concerns the environment.

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Angelica Marquez - Features Writer

As an independent filmmaker, writer, and poet, Angelica's work crosses different genres to answer the questions her generation is not sure how to ask. She studied psychology and literature at Mills College in Oakland. Currently residing in California's central valley, she works as a political activist, freelance writer and editor, and tarot-reading iconoclast extraordinaire. Keep an eye out for her forthcoming novel Plume in 2017. 

Nikki Welker - Features Writer

Based in North Carolina, Sunny is a very gay girl who simply loves to write.   She incorporates many of the other things she loves into her writing, such as her girlfriend, nature, music, confidence, and many other things!  While she also has a passion for science and law, her main love has been writing since the day she wrote her first words.


Megan Chiaravalotti - Photographer

Megan is a graduate of DeSales University with a Bachelor's degree in TV/Film. Her passion is in film making, specifically camera work, editing, and writing. Aside from working in the film industry, she also enjoys photography and travelling whenever she gets the opportunity. She loves being able to capture the beautiful things in this world, whether it be nature, animals, people, or inanimate objects. Being able to pick up a camera and show the world what you see is something extraordinary. 

Jessica Iadicicco - Features Writer

Jessica is a sophomore at Kutztown University and is currently achieving a B.A. in professional writing. She loves gracing people with her stories, and hopes to one day publish her own novel. Jessica has a deep admiration for her guinea pig, Penelope, as well as her two dogs, Molly and Heidi. After she graduates from college, her plans are to travel the world helping people, and to tell stories along the way.


Easton Carter Angle - Photographer 

Easton Carter Angle is a filmmaker and photographer working on the East Coast, currently residing in Philadelphia. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Film and Media arts and concentration in visual anthropology. He's traveled to India twice, both times to work on a documentary with professor Dr. Jayasinhji Jhala (Bapa) from Temple University. In addition to making movies he spends his time fixing up his old Honda motorcycle. 


Amanda Iles - Features Writer

Amanda Iles lives in New York, where she writes about other worlds. In her not-so-spare time, she freelance edits, bakes cupcakes, and drinks lots of coffee.